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Tour Bryce dive into Sprint-news shorts

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KASK is well known, it a helmet thanks to the direct supply of the sky team Italy brands have started to let the Sun in that game it’s helmet, Drapac team down during the first use of the new products during a visit to Australia.

Cyclingnews spotted geleimu·bulang from the Australia continental professional team wearing wrap-around sunglasses knock in Sunday’s opening to the classic round and cycling in the opening stage on Tuesday.

“Glasses are comfortable, lens clear glasses sit oakley sunglasses well when training and competition. KASK glasses are a great addition to 2016, “geleimu·bulang said, in announcing the KASK.

KASK confirmed that new sunglasses will be made public later in 2016 is expected to complete in the spring shows.

Adam Blyth (Tinkoff) made a late try for Sprint Sprint’s first tour down under dive inside the barrier. This is a risk, but brought him back to the previous Sprint, which he finished fifth behind winner Yiwan·kailaibu (Orica-Greenedge).

Bryce join the Tinkoff for 2016 and showed his oakley sunglasses form earlier in the season, finished third in Sunday’s defeat in classical circles.

“Adam looks forward to Sprint and tried not to lag behind the others in the end by taking risks. Would also like to take the opportunity to achieve great results, “sporting Director Lars Michaelsen explained.

Bryce was known for his sprinting skills and balance risk factors and need to be in the sprints.

“The number of miles in the last stage, it’s hard to stay ahead of group and I fought to maintain a strong position ahead of the final sprint. Sprint to the finish line I put me in front of everyone, but I’m afraid I can’t keep the same pace until the end, “he explained.

Tinkoff have aosikajiatuo in their team, for cycling oakley sunglasses and Italy likely to get his chance in the second phase of the Hillier rising finished at Stirling.

Spain radio sports newspapers Marca and serine and the Basque city of Bilbao is keen to host a future stage of tour de France cycling race.